Ryan Young is a New York-based stylist. Following six years at Vanity Fair as Fashion Editor, Young expanded his career to work with such publications as Elle, Marie Claire, InStyle, The Cut, Town and Country. He has collaborated with photographers Annie Leibovitz, Tom Munro, Mark Seliger, Brigette Lacombe, Victor Demarchelier, Erik Madigan Heck, Sebastian Kim, Giampaolo Squra, Ben Hassett, Martin Scholler, Miguel Reveriego, Pari Dukovic, Boo George, Ryan Pfluger, Julia Noni, and Scott Trindle. In addition, Young has worked with brands including Rent The Runway,  Pepsi, Stalvey, Johnnie Walker, and SoulCycle, and celebrity clients Patti LuPone, Phoebe Robinson, and Grace Van Patten.


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